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"Thank you so much for the wonderful PT that you have provided my patients. Unfortunately, I have chosen to leave Medical Health Group for a different family practice. I will keep all your information and continue to refer patients in the area to your 'capable hands'.

Thanks again."

Bob A.

"Jesse, you take the time to explain. I tell all my friends that you have magic hands that seem to heal."

Helen S.

"Jesse, thank you for encouraging me to keep trying. You are so ready and willing to help. Beside your skills and expertise, you are always caring and concerned, patient and kind."

Theresa M.

"Thank you for getting me better and able to live a normal life. You are very patient and kind. You helped me to move on with my life. Showing me what to do and teaching techniques to help me beyond my physical therapy treatments, is most appreciated. Thank you for all you do."

Karen J.

"I appreciate and thank both of you for helping me during a difficult time. Jeannette your kindness was much appreciated. Jesse, you taught me many things, especially how to relax! I am now headache free! I am finally doing well. With much appreciation."

Donna R.

"I have been to other physical therapists. But you helped me to get back to my normal routine quickly and with ease. You are a very special physical therapist who looks at the whole person, to determine how to help your patients. I believe this is a very important part of treating patients."

Judy S.

"Jesse, I miss your kind and tender care and the friendship that I felt throughout my therapy. I consider you as a 'special' part of my life."

Shirley C.

"Jesse, you have been on my mind and I just wanted you to know that I am very grateful for your care and expertise. So I am sending you good thoughts. I have been telling all my family and friends to come to you. It was so relaxing - the private rooms were a real treat and the music was great too. I feel really good now. Thank you."

Harry D.

"I thought it was going to hurt. But my pain went away with the second treatment. Sometimes I think it was a miracle, but you certainly know what you are doing. Thank you for making me feel like myself again. I am forever grateful."

Janet N.

"Coming to your office has been a godsend. You and your wife have treated me with the utmost respect and kindness, but it goes beyond that. You took time to listen and calm my fears. Your knowledge and expertise are profound! Your compassion and willingness to help people is evident, and for that I am very grateful!"

Renee S.

"Jesse Thurlow takes the time to explain. He has the hands to heal. He encouraged me to keep trying. He is ready and willing to help, always caring and concerned. At the same time he is patient and kind and ready to move me on by showing me what to do. He taught me how to help myself."

Barbara L.

"I travel over an hour to receive physical therapy from Jesse Thurlow. I trust his judgement and skills so much that I would travel even greater distances. I have tried other therapist, but he is THE BEST!"

D. Froth

"Jesse has taken me successfully through a difficult times in my life. I am an active person and when I had my knee surgery and shoulder surgery, I know his judgment and skills enabled me to return to my regular activities in a short period of time. I thank you and so does my family! Especially since I can now make their meals and do their laundry! I will stop in to say "hello" when I am in the area. Thank you, Jesse, for all you did for me."

S. Chadley

"My doctor told me that she was going to send me to a real physical therapist. And she was correct. I will thank her for referring me to you, Jesse."

H. Cavanough